Headlines designed to undermine Council?

December 18th, 2008

David King works tirelessly for this Council and I think it is irresponsible to cast him in such a negative light as is done via the front page of our daily. I personally have never felt that ‘my house is under threat’ due to any decision I have ever made during my time as a Councillor and cannot believe that the Chronicle sees fit to publish such stories. David King provides legal advice to Council (not to individual Councillors) as that is his job. It is my experience that if a Councillor requires his or her own personal legal advice then Mr King advises us to seek independant legal advice.

A letter writer also seems to think that staff providing advice to Councillors somehow constitutes poor meeting procedure. Staff are employed to give professional advice to Councillors and thank goodness that this advice is available to us. No Councillor, in my experience, is an expert at every aspect of Council operations. As a Councillor I appreciate the advice given to me. if I disagree with it I can do so. I am not bound to accept the advice provided to me but I hasten to add that in the vast majority of cases I do agree with staff recommendations. This ability to shift through the professional advice given to us and make decisions in the best interest of the community is, in my opinion, the chief role of a Councillor. In other words it is what a Councillor does day in day out.

Lastly I did not ask Cr Nioa to ‘be quiet’ as I recall. When a Councillor is speaking then he/she ‘has the floor’ and should not be interrupted other than by the chairperson or another Councillor calling a ‘point of order’. At the meeting in question neither of these things occurred. I simply asked Cr Nioa if she wanted to contribute as I thought she was making hand gestures out of my line of sight while I was speaking about my reasons to not support the water park development application. My recollection is that Cr Nioa was simply trying to call the attention of the Mayor so that she could speak next. I simply thanked her. I did not ask her ‘to be quiet’ as she had not made any noise! What a ridiculous amount of good newspaper space taken up by such trivial matters. A big fuss out of nothing which does nothing more than undermine the public confidence in this Council.

2 Responses to “Headlines designed to undermine Council?”

  1. fraserwatchon 18 Dec 2008 at 11:30 pm


    On the subject of whether you told Cr. Nioa to “be quiet” or not – who cares? – apart from maybe yourself or Cr Nioa. Becoming defensive and continuing on with the subject only prolongs the issue, which no doubt delights the Chronicle.
    A little bit of life and robust debate in usually moribund Council meetings would be a vast improvement. I would appreciate more frankness in discussions and less concern about whether you upset fellow Councillors or not.


    ps. I support your views on the “waterpark”

  2. Sadmanon 19 Dec 2008 at 4:15 am

    As we all know the Chronicle and just about all other forms of the media rely
    on advertising for their income. The squatters and their sons and daughters
    being well established, provide a lot of that income. The Chronicle is just
    maintaining the anger.

    Until the general public wake up to the fact that the squatters still think they
    run this region, things won’t improve. Remember, blood is thicker than water
    and some of them are really thick.


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