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September 18th, 2009

Dear Peter, a very warm welcome to the Fraser Coast. Although I agree with you that not many people read this blog I’m glad that you take the time to peruse it. I enjoy the ability to communicate directly with the public and although my readership is very much less than that of the daily Chronicle it is wonderful to be able to express my thoughts freely and openly without being censored. It is also a great way to communicate directly with the community and I am glad that some people take the time to read and debate ‘online’.

I will be taking up your kind offer of ringing you directly and appreciate you giving out your phone number to enable people to contact you directly. I suppose I was feeling a bit cranky with you the other day however, as I personally emailed you over 2 weeks ago now on a non Council related matter and am still awaiting a response. I try very hard to respond to all the emails and calls I receive and although I am sure some people slip through the cracks from time to time the fact that I had not yet received a response from you regarding my email has made me feel a bit annoyed with you.

In the past I have emailed the Deputy Editor also on both Council related and non Council related issues and have also received nothing but the sounds of silence so maybe my emails are just totally boring and not worthy of a response. At least the Dep. Ed. has publicly stated that email is his very least preferred method of communication….. Many other Chronicle journalists do respond promptly to email communication and I wish to thank them as ignoring someone is really a good way to make someone feel powerless. I’m also aware of the difference in gaining newspaper inches as a means of personal self promotion rather than simply to educate or inform the community about Council related issues and try always to focus on the latter not the former.

I am glad Peter, that you want to learn more about Council so I look forward to seeing you at the odd Council meeting in the weeks to come. Some more extensive reporting of what occurs at Council meetings would be a great way to ensure the wider community gets to know more about Council and how it operates.

You and I have something in common as I also detest people making constant excuses for non performance and I very much detest bureaucratic red tape that ties everyone in knots. However much of the ‘red tape’ surrounding Council is foisted upon us by those above us. Maybe if we all work together we can make inroads in reducing the ever growing knots of red tape so I look forward to hearing about how best to do this.

I really do hope that you enjoy your time on the Fraser Coast and in particular Hervey Bay and that the Chronicle under your leadership, provides our community with balanced reporting that truthfully informs us all about the issues that impact on all of us. I abhor sensationalism. Now do you work Sat mornings for that phone chat and will you be responding to my earlier email or should I try again? See you soon, Sue

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  1. Ben Collingwoodon 18 Sep 2009 at 11:11 pm


    The fact you have responded not once but at least three seperate occasions to the Chronicle’s reporting indicates Peter is doing a great job.

    Instead of Nancying around (pun firmly intended), Peter is bringing out the issues that are out there in the community. Right or wrong, the perception is there council is failing.

    Under the former editor, council, councilors and council’s subsidiaries where protected from scrutiny and criticism and this was very disappointing.

    So a warm welcome to Peter from me and I look forward to more news-worthy reporting and the added focus on council and our elected representatives. Bring it on!

  2. N. Webberon 19 Sep 2009 at 6:06 am

    A little Peter history for your edification.

  3. fraserwatchon 20 Sep 2009 at 5:41 am

    you could be very sorry in the longer term that you have stirred this matter up.
    Whilst you may not have been the previous editor’s favourite Councillor, she was very kind in her comments on Council in general, rarely being critical of its actions,(or inactions.) This same tolerance applied to Wide Bay Water Corp.
    If the Chronicle becomes more proactive in its reporting of Council actions/happenings, Council & WBWC. will have many, many, more difficult questions to answer.

  4. sueon 20 Sep 2009 at 6:38 am

    Fraserwatch. I was not trying to stir anyone or anything. I just get sick and tired of reading inaccurate info or one sided opinion about Council or other important community information. If pure sensationalism is part and parcel of all media these days I sadly shake my head.
    I trust that Mr Peter Chapman has broad shoulders and enjoys a good debate and can accept a difference of opinion. After all if he is sensitive to the Chronicle being criticised he knows exactly how I feel.
    The community deserves to hear about Council activities and I trust that it will continue to receive coverage that truthfully informs and educates the community via the Chronicle, about all its doings.
    Ben. I don’t believe Council is failing so please enlighten us.

  5. alanon 28 Sep 2009 at 9:39 pm

    I think it a bit rich you complaining that Peter and other media don’t answer your emails. I sent you and other Councillors emails re the Flight Training Centre and you chose to ignore a request on where you stood on the issue. Only one Councillor bothered with a response. I bet there won’t be the same reluctance to reply when elections come by?

    While throwing stones at other people’s responses to your emails try ringing the FCRC and see how long they take to answer. Your CEO has ignored three written letters from me, so some work needs to be done to clean up your own backyard!

    Alan Wetton

  6. sueon 29 Sep 2009 at 9:15 am

    Alan I endeavour to respond to every email and letter and phone call I receive and remember responding to you. I do not speak on behalf of any individual and when I defend Council it is because I believe the majority of staff work diligently. If Council is unresponsive please let us know. I constantly ask the CEO and other senior staff to ensure that Council is responsive to enquiries and complaints etc. Thanks, Sue

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