Speedy Sue or Snail Sue

October 14th, 2010

I can’t sign the Fraser Coast Chronicle Road Safety pledge as I would be lying! I can’t sign it because I sometimes speed. There I have confessed. Sometimes I drive at speeds in excess of the posted limit and sometimes I drive slower than allowed. I reckon numbers 4 and 5 are contradictory somewhat as some speed limits are just too low. And we should ALWAYS be driving to the conditions which I think means sometimes it is safer to go SLIGHTLY faster than the posted limit on some roads at some times.
Take Saltwater Creek Rd for instance. 4 Lanes and a big huge wide road and we have to travel at 60kmh whereas I think 70kmh would be perfectly safe. Similarly the new stretch of widened (4 separated lanes) Boat Harbour Drive from Bunnings down to past Banksia I think 70kmh is fine there also but in residential areas the speed should be a carte blanche of 50kmh, or slower to even 25kmh which I have no trouble at all sticking to. How about the Burrum Heads Rd past Toogoom? That road is fine to go up to 110kmh on I believe but at Criagnish where the shop is it should be down to 80kmh.
In Darwin I lived for nearly 5 years and never ever received a speeding ticket. That is because the roads are designed well and signed well for sensible speeds. All linking main roads are 70kmh and all residential roads are 50kmh I recall. Makes sense and the traffic flows which much less agro etc and I believe there is much LESS speeding. I also hate doing 90kmh on the Bruce Highway now past Gympie. Honestly all the roads to the Sunshine Coast off the highway are 100kmh and are in no better condition than the highway. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to make everyone go slower when it is raining and/or foggy for instance as that is when we should all be slowing down?
I do think some speed limits are done so the police can revenus raise and what a waste of time for a highly trained police person to be sitting pointing a speed gun at us!
But please don’t think I am supportive of anyone excessively speeding anytime anywhere as I’m not. Stupid high speeds and stupid overtaking are just that… simply stupid and dangerous, and so sadly sometimes fatally dangerous, to all road users. Please take care each time you hop into that car. Safe driving, Sue

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  1. Colin Burton 14 Oct 2010 at 10:42 am

    Speed limits are not the only irrational signage. The ‘stop’ sign / ‘give way sign rationale is plain crazy. For instance east bound Spence St /Corfield St with great vision is a ‘stop’ sign whilst Corfield/ North – a real killer – is only a ‘give way ‘ sign.. Most of the side roads entering The Esplanade have, and need, stop signs. Some would function quite safely with give way signs. Some of the traffic lights on intersections where traffic volume on one road is huge and on the other miniscule are set to give the main road green all the time until a vehicle arrives on the minor road – when that vehicle quite promptly gets a go at the green. Others seem to work by a set cycle at all times and main road traffic is brought to a halt for non -existent side road traffic. Extremely frustrating. I know the requirement for underground detection loops costs money but it is well spent money. Is this all a result of Council / State Main Roads not talking to each other ? Demarcation problems ?

    Similar demarcation problems seem to exist with the atrociuos drainage and resulting mosquito breeding swamp at Paraweena Park. Council looks after it as best they can down to the blocked up drain under Charlton Esplanade at the South West corner. Unfortunately on the other side the saltwater bog is under some other authority being a foreshore to Eli Creek and that is where drainage work ceases. Why do we have so many authorities – it only leads to duck-shoving excuses.

    Case you had not noticed, I love a good whinge.

  2. Paulon 14 Oct 2010 at 3:11 pm

    Sorry to disagree, but the simple fact is the greater the impact (speed), the greater the damage and injury. 5 or 10 kph can be the difference between life and death. Accidents will continue to happen no matter how good the road is. Why risk your life and the lives of others (like me) by speeding?

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  4. Sue Brookson 18 Oct 2010 at 8:57 am

    I honestly don’t believe I risk any lives and I definitely don’t ‘speed’ as such. I more often than not stick to posted speed limits. I have driven since I turned 18 yrs old and thankfully have never been involved in a vehicle accident that has injured anyone. Family members have however. And I am very, very concerned for my own personal safety and don’t want to end up a road statistic myself.
    I just dispute posted speed limits in some situations. Take The Burrum Heads Rd. When I moved here the limit was 100km hour all the way pracrically to the Maryborough Rd. Now we have a few houses and the limit is slowed to 80kmh. Simply beacuse we have a few more vehicles accessing he road. Nothing on the road has changed.
    But the real problem on the roads is making mistakes. Last week I was second in line awaiting a red light at the Boat Harbour Drive Denmans Camp Rd intersection. I was on BHD. I sat and watched in horror as the white car in front of me merrily drove straight off ahead as soon as the right turn arrow turned green. Regardless that the light was still RED for straight ahead. I was nearly shaking with astonishment and fear. How can someone simply drive through a red light? I have witnessed this very same behavoiur twice at this set of lights now.
    I want to know why the turn arrows now activate first as I think I grew up with the arrows coming on after the straight through traffic had done its thing. Or am I also getting fuzzy. I think inconsistencies in traffic light sequencing is also confusing people and at the end of the day everyone can make mistakes it seems.
    I also worry that I share the road with drivers who are concerned with using the Main St/BHD roundabout and avoid doing so. What gladdens me however is that so many people do drive to their limitations and acknowledge them. I have no problems with the roundabout and never forget that an accident at any roundabout will always be less serious than at a 4 ways intersection. The angle of collision is always reduced at a roundabout.
    In other words we all have to share our roads with drivers who have a wide and varying level of driving skill so we do need to make allowances for this and make our roads safer.

  5. Chrison 18 Oct 2010 at 6:45 pm


    This I agree with you on, at first I was all for signing this pledge, but then I realised, alike you I can’t agree to not speed to overtake a sub-speed-limit driver, and thus for me to sign it would be hypocritical.

    And Paul, I see your point, and it’s not speed that creates the added destruction, it is the momentum (mass X velocity= momentum). A piece of a4 paper blowing at 130km/h isn’t going to cause too much damage. As I point out to folks who use the 5-10km/h overcreates more damage scenario such as yourself, it’s not the 5-10k over that kills people, it can be the 5- 10km/h to start. The Government uses scare tactics such as every k over is a killer- which is wrong and is a false scare campaign, the truth is every k is a killer.

    I did not sign the pledge as I think most who sign it will be hypocritical within the first week. Cheers.

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