Council did not forget to apply for flood funding.

December 31st, 2011

This response is from our CEO, Ms Lisa Desmond after a story was published in The Chronicle today…The story implied that FCRC had neglected to apply for funding from a particular State Govt grant.

This funding is part of the $45 million Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program which for 2011-12, the Government prioritised up to $5 million of the Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program (LGGSP) funding to councils for capital acquisitions to support disaster preparedness, for example the provision of flood warning systems (including sirens, ALERT and SMS warnings) and the provision of additional flood and rainfall gauges.   Where a Council is provided with funding under another program ie Natural Disaster Resilience Program they are not eligible.  Applications for LGGSP closed on 31st October
At the time of the LGGSP funding round Council had an application submitted under the Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP) for the following:
The installation of a fully automated solar powered system to measure river levels and rainfall that will transmit the data to Council and the Bureau of Meteorology via radio telemetry is the ideal solution for flood hazard mitigation on the Mary River. The new Flood Warning Stations will be installed on the Mary River in Maryborough at the Bruce Highway bridge and at Tiaro further up the river. The existing flood warning methods on the Mary River at Maryborough and Tiaro are manual gauges. These will be upgraded to fully automated Flood Warning Stations and report rainfall and river height at these locations via a new Rain/Repeater Station that will be installed at Dundathu.
Given that at the time of the LGGSP funding round Council had an application submitted with NDRP for Flood Warning System upgrades, it was not submitted under the LGGSP Program rather the following projects were submitted:
CCTV Security Camera Network Expansion
Hervey Bay Esplanade Precinct Upgrades
25m Pool Aquatic Centre Roof; and
Discovery Centre Fit-Out.
Council was advised on the 17th October that it was unsuccessful under the NDRP funding program for the Flood Warning Stations being advised that due to the over subscription of the program funding had been allocated to higher priority projects and to reapply in Round 4 in 2012 (it was too late to prepare application under LGGSP by the time we were notified). 
Post the Flood Enquiry Commission – Sydney and I have met with the Marina Business operators and have in place a sub-evacuation plan, we also discussed with them their concerns expressed at the Flood Commission Hearing regarding the operation of the gauges (both manual and automatic). We have recently undertaken a review of Flood Warning Stations including their operation and identifying the responsible agency for reading manual gauges. We will continue to seek funding to upgrade our Flood Warning Systems which will include a combination of manual and automatically read gauges.
 This from the CEO, Lisa Desmond..

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  1. Colin Burton 31 Dec 2011 at 3:45 pm

    What a complex system it is. One is tired merely reading the detail. How much simpler it would be to build only on higher land not subject to flooding and leave the riparian pastures for the cows. Australia has plenty of high land left. Similarly, coastal near mangrove swamp could be left for the mosquitos and sand flies and fish nurseries instead of being subdivided for housing. Then we would only have our so-called ‘highway’ to worry about.

    The ‘weather alert’ system which sends me regular emails suffers from the “wolf, wolf” problem. In order not to be accused of failing to warn these systems scatter warnings like confetti at a wedding . I have had dozens of dire warnings which never yet materialised. I am thankful they never materialised but treat the warnings now with a degree of ennui equal to that of Aesop’s villagers with the shepherd boy. If they are instituted in the Fraser Coast area by Council a lesser degree of prolificacy needs to be observed if people are to heed them after the first few dozen.

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