Happy New Year everyone

December 31st, 2011

I cannot believe it is the last day of 2011. It is certainly true the saying that the older we get the faster time flies… I hate to think how fast the years will whiz by in another 10 years time. I trust that you all had a joyful Xmas and look forward to a happy evening and a safe and healthy New Years Day. We are planning a dinner with friends and hope to see the 9pm Torquay fireworks then come home to keep our puppies safe and sound. Pet Warriors has kept me totally busy this last week even on Xmas Day when we managed to connect a potential adoptee with a pup in foster care. You see the pound doesn’t get empty at this time of the year so it was with great pleasure that on Christmas morning we were walking our 2 girls together with two foster dogs and a babysat Pet Warior dog. We had Toby, Raj and Harley with us (as ell as our two girls Becki and Ellie) and we met up with another Pet Warrior family who previously adopted Jazz and hopefully will now adopt Bella, a beautiful pound rescue Rotty girl. We mingled and realised that all 5 dogs would not be experiencing Xmas if not for us. It made us all feel happier. But this morning Toby decided to venture into the Mungomery forest on his way home… went walkabout for 30 mins then innocently arrived back into our backyard! Hmmm he will be kept under tighter control when next we take a sit down at the beach! Not a relaxing way for Graham and I to start our day…

So to Council. I still have some enquiries coming in regarding roads and drainage issues in particular and while this week is a restful week for most Council staff please do remember to ring Council if there is an emergency. Other operational issues will be attended to next week.

So while we all try to relax and enjoy family friends and the holidays I turn my attention to the next Council election due on March 31st. I detest self promotion, don’t go looking for it though at times it comes to me, but I will have to start to write up my brochures and pamphlets in the next few days. I notice a lot of new candidates focussing on perceived negatives of this Council. I sometimes smile at the generalisations being made. It is so easy to take pot shots and be critical but when one is actually faced with the reality of a situation it often looks different. Once before I stated that it is unwise to make comment about others without taking the time to walk in their shoes. I often remind myself of the importance of this. I ry not to make hasty judgements unless I know all the facts. I believe in listening and learning about both sides of any argument or debate. For instance I used to believe that the media only had the truth as its primary goal. But then I realised it is actually very big business and while a fair amount of truth is reported, the emphasis of the stories and the decision as to what to tell us about can be influenced by those paying for advertising etc. I suppose I am growing more cynical as I get older..

So please take care, keep safe, hug your loved ones, look after those canine and feline and furry and feathered innocent companions of ours and enjoy yourselves. And as always if you require help or assistance just call. I am converted to Skype now as my phone bill went atmospheric due to Pet Warriors. So maybe I will talk to you on Skype via ipad sometime soon… Best wishes for 2012 cheers, Sue



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