Ordinary Meeting number 11

June 13th, 2011

Phew! Heaps to read for this weeks meeting so straight to it….

We are proposing to discuss many issues including the minutes of the most recent Economic Development Advisory Committee, our outstanding Council resolutions and our Quaterly Report on the implementation of our Corporate and Operational Plans. While many pages long this report is a good snapshot of which projects are happening and what their status is. We are asked to delegate powers to the CEO in relation to the Building Act and State Penalties Enforcement Act which is a procedural regular occurrence designed to empower staff to carry out their duties. We receive the report on the Bauple RV camping proposals and the Financial Report for May. We then decide on a proposed Facade Improvement Program and have a development application to decide. This is for the balance of the On The Beach Estate at Burrum Heads. The land is located adjacent Bushnell Dve and Orchid Dve and is currently zoned predominantly rural. It includes various types of housing etc.

We also receive answers to Questions on Notice, two of which were asked by myself. The issues include rubbish facilities and seating at the Urangan Pier and mowing regimes at Pt Vernon. Another question raised by Cr McNeven is answerd in relation to drainage enquiries. We also receive the amended Mangrove Mangement Strategy. Then in confidential we discuss compliance and drainage issues relating to a specific area in Howard and decide several contracts for the supply and delivery of new equipment, the result of the EOI re the Economic Development Strategy Project Delivery, Harland Carpark drainage works and Nissen St roadworks. Not forgetting that while some discussion of the confidential items takes place privately Councillors vote publicly. Councillors also speak to or against the recommendations publicly and can put forward amended recommendations at this time. In other words no decisions are actually made privately they are all made publicly.

Because today is a Public Holiday I expect the agenda will be available early tomorrow via the Council web site. The meeting is in Maryborough on Wednesday starting at 9.30am and the public is always welcome to attend.

Last week Council voted to approve the new solar farm on WBWC land on Hebblewhite road. This should be a good thing for our community and I am keen to find out how much power is produced and the saving we can expect to make on power bills. Wouldn’t it be good to become a self sufficient power producer on a regional scale!

Personally… I am off the crutches but still hobbling a fair bit and if I do too much hobbling my foot swells up considerably. It looks like the 6 months rehab everyone tells me is needed will be a reality so I am keen to visit my new physio tomorrow arvo and get on track so I can take long walks once again.

Lastly on Saturday we travelled to Nudgee to collect 6 new rescued battery hens. They have survived the change to a more normal life really well and are settling into their new home scratching the ground, flapping their wings and hopefully learning what a nesting box is for! I can’t buy non free range eggs ever and wish we could change they way we farm animals. Factory animal farming is just awful. Once again if we had several free range farms throughout our region I am sure we could produce our own eggs from much happier chooks. http://www.ecoeggs.com.au/ Yes it is profitable to farm chooks free range as this site demonstrates.

Hope you all had a safe and happy long weekend and isn’t it good to have sunshine again…

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