This week has been a busy week…

September 22nd, 2011

Council meeting yesterday was a busy one but there were no contentious issues that caused any great debate. Once again it was enjoyable to see our staff being nominated for customer service awards. This aspect of Council meetings isn’t usually highlighted and I think in todays world, we give much more prominence to finding fault than to giving thanks. So it is always gratifying to see our community taking the time to nominate our staff for providing high quality services. Well done to our nominated staff..

 We received our Financial Report, a Landfill Gas Management report (highlighting the impost that disposing of waste charges will have on our community), a report on the progress of our Land Management Plans, (which we decided were moving slowly so have asked the CEO to investigate some deadlines for these), a recommendation to invest in some more roadworks in particular at Glenwood, Maryborough and Woocoo, our Hervey Bay Esplanade Consultation feedback was received, our Fraser Coast Community Plan endorsed and our Asset Management Plans received. We also listed some items ready for Grant applications among them security cameras and swimming pool improvements, Esplanade precinct improvements focussing on the seawall and the Discovery Centre fitout. Fingers crossed we are successful. During confidential we agreed on the tender for the Maria Creek bridge replacement. I wish little bridges were not so costly!

I recently visited Glenwood for their community chat and attended the Burrum Heads Progress Association meeting last night. It is good to see the community working together with Council to get things done. At Burrum Heads the community and Council have worked to build a new skate ramp. I was listening to one resident asking another resident that lived close to the ramp if the noise would bother her. She replied that the children needed somewhere to play and that no the noise would not be a bother. Such a positive and heart warming response. I wish I heard more positive conversations like that one sometimes! The kids and the community at Burrum Heads are doing great things. Well done everyone.

Lastly I have been burning the candle at both ends as the newly elected President of the Fraser Coast Pet Warriors. We have a totally brand new committee but there is lots to do still. Organising a new postbox, insurance, access to the bank account, building databases, fine tuning the web site (a work in progress) etc is all required and being accomplished. Finding foster carers for our poor unwanted pets is the work of some excellent hard working volunteers Marie, Leesa and Denise. They are simply amazing women. I also ‘saved’ my first little pound puppy. Jazz was due to be euthanised last Monday morning so we said we would foster her. Riddled with fleas and a very bad skin rash she was a miserable sight. A quick trip to the vet, medication and lots of washes and cuddles saw a new little girl emerge. She has found a new forever home with a neighbour so I still get to see her walking on the beach. She walks with a spring in her step now and looks as happy as can be. The feeling one gets from simply saving a little innocent life is indescribable! But juggling Pet Warriors work and Council work is a challenge so please excuse me if I am a bit slower than usual with replies to your queries etc. Take care, Sue

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  1. Colin Burton 22 Sep 2011 at 1:34 pm

    Whilst at the Nikenbah market last weekend I went in to the animal shelter section. Some pleasant liitle creatures waitng to be re- homed. AT $100 EACH ! No wonder the pounds are all full to overflowing and perfectly sound puppies and kittens are having to be euthanased. The demographics for pet ownership are not hard to fathom. The well-to-do happily pay $400 to $1000 to a breeder for a dog with credentials. The pound is patronised by the less wealthy – the ‘one income two kids’ families with a heavy burden of mortgage or rent, and the age pensioners who would be happy to take on a mutt. But not at that sort of price.
    Last time I bought a pet – admittedly twenty years ago – it cost me $5 plus all the odds and ends of equipment needed. There would be much more throughput at pounds and shelters if the animals were offerred at , say, $20 . Or in their last few days on death row, FREE !

  2. Sue Brookson 22 Sep 2011 at 5:17 pm

    Pet Warrior dogs start at over $200. This is to cover costs of desexing and microchipping. A pet requires flea control, worming and immunisations. If people can’t afford an initial payment I worry that they won’t be able to afford to properly care for the animal. No cat or dog should be left entire and all pets should be desexed unless registered for breeding. We have to stop uncontrolled breeding somehow. It is a nightmare looking into the eyes of so many animals that are born simply to die!

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