Council update, Anson’s Road trespass issues etc.

March 18th, 2012

This Council is rapidly winding down with Easter meaning we only have another meeting or two and it will be all over for this term of Council. And what a 4 years it has been. We started with a whole new playing field and all of us had to quickly come to grips with the new bigger, wider and broader landscape that the Fraser Coast Council is. While there were teething problems the hard work is truly done and dusted. Yes there is much to be done (will it ever be otherwise?) and there has been much accomplished. Roads and bridges are built and still being built.. more would have been done if we had received less wet weather, drains are being redone and repaired, paths built with many more needed, and strategies in place where needed. We delivered on our Corporate plan, built infrastructure and buildings and encouraged development to go ahead. While the grumbles and murmurs and complaints are still received I find that the staff response to these is much, much more positive than it was in my earlier days in Council. This is primarily due to our new CEO, Ms Lisa Desmond who truly believes that the Councillors are the ears and eyes of the people and she enables and encourages staff to help us when we go into bat for you our residents.

Yes it is easy to be critical and I am always among the first to suggest ways to improve and to ‘get things done properly the first time” but I have to give credit for a change sweeping through the ranks. This Council is here to help our community at each and every level. If you encounter problems with Council simply call an elected member and we should be able to assist. We can’t always get what you want but if we can’t we ususally have a good reason for the position that Council takes.

So at this weeks Council meeting Ordinary Number 5, we will be introduced to our Junior Council Mayor Maria Anderson and her Deputy Jacquelyn Jolly. We also receive reports on recent petitions, the Environmental Advisory Committee meeting minutes and recommendations and our open resolutions which are matters Counil has requested requiring decisions or further information and are not yet finalised. We deal with our Financial Report for February, learn how much the floods have cost us and how much NDRAA (State Government) funding we will receive from the State Government for our Jan 2011 flood event, receive the excellent CEP Annual Report which outlines all the great deeds accomplished by our Environmental volunteers and receive the list of candidates both successful and unsuccessful for the Community Grants Scheme. We have two question on notice reports to receive one of which deals with the proposal to place playground equipment in Pier Park and the other about parking isues at Urangan. I am pleased that the officers are focussed on improving the playground at Dayman Park and leaving the Pier precinct as is which is the way it was planned to be. I still hope to see community markets at this location some time soon! Regarding car parking everyone may have noticed that some spots have now been reduced to 30 mins to ensure shoppers can access spots close to the shops.

Lastly it was with great joy that I witnessed the erection of gates, padlocks and signage along side the private property at the beach end of Anson’s Rd, Dundowran Beach. This privately owned land has been used illegally for quite some time and many residents had complained to Council. Alas Council is not permitted to trespass onto private land to erect signs and gates, nor should it do this, but I was determined to try to help. I contacted the property owners who met me on site recently. The land owners agreed that the illegal access required stopping so they have paid for the recent works including gates and signs. But now it is up to us. Please report any illegal access to myself and the police. I will notify the land owner directly of any complaints and they will be forwarded to the police with a promise of charging trespasses and ensuring they are brought to justice. I believe with the community helping we can stop the trespassing and better protect this beautiful natural beach front block of land. I will always also do my very best to see that this land is either undeveloped or developed in a limited way in keeping with its biodiversity and high natural attributes.

Please let me know if there are issues of interest to you and as always I will endeavour to advise or to assist you. I wish I could call a stop to the rain as I think we have had enough now but alas I don’t have the required influence it seems….


Anson's Road land better protected now..

2 Responses to “Council update, Anson’s Road trespass issues etc.”

  1. Colin Burton 18 Mar 2012 at 1:24 pm

    I would like to take this opportunity on this blog to express thanks to Sue for her tireless and selfless work during this term of Council and hope that she will still be present in the next Council to be the ‘voice in the wilderness’ standing in the way of too much rampant development . Too many politicians at all levels have the view that concrete and steel and profit and ‘progress’ is more important than preserving the old fashioned natural environment. We LIVE here – and there is no better summation of this than the old Cree Indian proverb :-

    Only when the last tree has been cut down,
    Only after the last river has been poisoned.
    Only after the last fish has been caught.
    Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

    Good luck Sue on Saturday.

  2. John A Neveon 18 Mar 2012 at 6:30 pm

    I am not in your electorate, but all things considered, you have done alright. But what ever the outcome, remember, you cannot
    please all the people, all the time.
    Good luck for Saturday,


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