Eli Waters Structure Plan. Campaigning truths rather than rumours.

April 7th, 2012

Council has finally, at our last meeting, adopted the structure plan for the urban zoned land between Eli Waters and Dundowran Beach situated Northnof the Burrum Heads Pialba Rd. This has taken a while to finalise but I am supportive of the finished product. While I agree with many people that this land is so low lying that it should not be developed, that battle has been well and truly lost. The land has always been included in the Hervey Bay Planning Schemes as future development and the State Government included the land in the Regional Plan. The structure plan is a good way forward however. It provides a blueprint to guide development into small nodes or zones and has allowed for an increase in density. The road network and pedestrian access ways are laid out and there is a good buffer along the beach and alongside the existing development to the West of Anson’s Rd. But most importantly the wetlands are largely protected. I really hope that developers accept this plan and work with Council to develop the land in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.
RUMOURS.. Nasty and hurtful.
Apparently some Div 5 residents have been told some misleading information about me!
My Age. Firstly I don’t believe I am too old to serve another 4 years on Council. I will turn 57 years old on April 27th, the day before the election and I hope nobody, in this day and age, believes our age is an important issue in relation to capacity to work or ability to do so.
Drainage in my Street. I live in Vine Forest Dve. While my street does not flood my property does as does several of my neighbours. We have had a nice lake in our backyard last summer and more recently, BUT I have not asked Council to do any drainage works in my street yet! Council is prioritising areas where roads and houses are inundated or in danger of being inundated. I have asked that Palmwood Dve be investigated and a solution for this road, which fills with water after every rainfall, should be included in the upcoming budget. Then Eagle Beach Pde is a problem as are areas in Craignish, Toogoom, Burrum Heads and Howard etc. I will support Council systematically working to improve drainage in these areas. I hope Vine Forest Dve drainage can be improved but my neighbours drainage issues will be dealt with in time and in turn and not sooner than anyone who has a greater need.
Mind Games was not sold. Graham and I did own Mind Games a retail shop that Graham ran for the last 7 years. We did not sell it! We closed it because it was slowly but surely going broke! We wish we had sold it years ago when it was trading profitably but alas we did not!
Now can we please cease the nasty rumours please? Thanks, Sue

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  1. Colin Burton 07 Apr 2012 at 9:16 pm

    Let’s hope that future Councils ‘prioritise’ drainage works in the new subdivisions that will now pop up in the wetlands between the Pialba Burrum Heads Road and the beach. The state of affairs in Eli Waters and other low lying places has taught them nothing and money rules .Pushing thousands of cubic metres of dirt into islands to build little boxes on and ‘canals’ in between. As you say “small nodes” and “an increase in density” . Like kangaroos on a hummock in a flood. The ‘Zuider Zee’ Estate. At least it should be incumbent to warn purchasers that drainage will always be a problem until water flows uphill. I used to live on top of the first hill on the road – where the cutting now is – and could look out over a lake as far as the eye could see eastwards with the old goat track road submerged. As recently as 1989.

    When it comes to development the Hervey Bay IQ is not the highest. Maybe that is why you had business problems with ‘Mind Games’ .

    And Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Robert Menzies both held much more challenging posts than Fraser Coast Councillor when they were even older than I , and much older than you !

    Nil bastardi carborundum.

    ( If unfamiliar – Google it !)

  2. Patriciaon 27 Apr 2012 at 10:08 pm

    Anyway, happy birthday for today, and good luck for tomorrow. No matter the result, I don’t think anyone can criticize you for not interacting with the people. You have done what you believe to be right, and once again, nobody can criticize you for that either. Whichever way the vote goes, I wish you well in the future. We have crossed swords on many occasions, but you have always been more than reasonable in your replies. Best wishes to you from Pat and Emily.

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