Hervey Bay Pound – Can we build it better?

April 3rd, 2012

The submissions for the Development Application for the new Hervey Bay Pound close on the 5th which is Thursday. If you are interested in making a submission here are some points to consider. Cheers, Sue


To the CEO Ms Lisa Desmond

Fraser Coast Regional Council

PO Box 1943

Hervey Bay Qld, 4655


Send to lisa.desmond@frasercoast.qld.gov.au

And cc Michael.ellery@frasercoast.qld.gov.au


From (insert your full name and address here please)


I (insert your name here) wish to object to the DA described as MCU-121007, Part Lot 100 CP 896209, Cicada Lane, Urangan as described below.

The grounds for my objection relate to the design of the pound and refuge kennels and the lot layout. I am in favour of a new facility but would prefer a facility designed with the best modern housing options for the animals that find their way to the pound/shelter.

The kennels are designed to house dogs in concrete block and steel compounds. These kennels are not suitable for the housing of dogs long term and it is seen as a waste of Council funds to build kennels that are unsuitable to meeting the needs of dogs being impounded or housed at a pound/refuge facility.

The kennels must incorporate an open area where the dogs can sit in the sunshine. Kennels are required to have a roofed sheltered warm dry area as well as an outside unroofed area. The kennels should be large enough to house a minimum of 2 dogs together. Housing dogs in sociable pairs, where there is no risk on unwanted pregnancy, makes for happier dogs.

The sqm area per dog must be increased. The design that forms part of this DA appears to have a very small area per kennel.

There appears limited capacity for free running outdoor runs where the dogs can be safely housed but able to exercise and toilet etc outside of their kennels. Outside runs must be provided for both the refuge and pound facilities. Forcing a dog to defecate on the same floor space where it both sleeps & eats can reinforce bad toileting behaviours that carry on into the new household.

Cats need totally separate suitable accommodation with a free range large enclosure that also provides shelter and an area where cats can sunbake, socialise and toilet etc.

Respecting the needs of the impounded/refuge animals will make for more contented, relaxed & happy animals that in turn will be more likely to find a new home.

Whelping accommodation is also required.

Car parking must be in excess of 5 spaces. Currently there is often more than 5 vehicles in attendance at the pound. Council staff will require a minimum of 3 spaces and volunteers and visitors will also require car parking spaces.

If Council is prepared to spend approx.. $500 k plus of rate payers money on a new animal housing and care facility then surely it should be using a modern design that includes kennels which will minimise the stress, both mental and physical, of the animals housed within it.

The entrance to Cicada Lane is dangerous as there is not enough room on Elizabeth St to safely pass a vehicle doing a right hand turn into Cicada Lane. At a bare minimum a slip lane is required at this intersection.

1.       The application is MCU-121007, being an application for a Material Change of Use to redevelop the Hervey Bay Animal Pound and Refuge on land located at Cicada Land, Wondunna being part of Lot 100 on CP896209.

The proposal includes the following elements:

  •   ·Construction of twenty-four (24) pound kennels, being 13.7 metres x 4.9 metres totalling 67.13m2;
  •   ·Construction of twenty-three (23) refuge kennels, being 15.0 metres x 6.0 metres totalling 90m2;
  •   ·Construction of one (1) Hydrobath to be included in one of the proposed blocks of refuge kennels,
  •   ·Construction of a Reception and Administration Offices, being 15.0 metres x 6.5 metres, totalling 97.5m2, and
  •   ·Construction of one (1) Pound Office, being 25.0m2 in total.

The proposed buildings will be approximately 2.3 metres in height, and will be setback in accordance with the requirements of the Urban Locality – Special Purposes Zone Code in the Hervey Bay City Planning Scheme 2006.

The proposal includes the designation of five (5.0) car parking spaces, and one (1) car parking space for persons with a disability, to be located toward to north-east of the site fronting Cicada Lane.

The proposal plans for the Pound Office include space for five (5) separate dedicated office working areas, one (1) kitchen, one (1) bathroom including toilet, basin and shower, and one (1) separate sink area abutting the proposed office space.

Both the Pound and the Refuge Kennels will be screened with Grid Mesh tack welded to the frame columns.


Yours sincerely



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