Stop the Slaughter and Kony 2012

March 10th, 2012

Two public issues have caught my attention this week.

TURTLES and DUGONGS. The first issue was broadcast on the ABC and thank goodness that they warned people that the story would involve upsetting pictures and film so I had a chance to turn it off! I cannot bear to watch innocent creatures being cruelly treated. Yes we need to kill animals to eat them but if we kill them quickly they usually do not suffer. Especially if caught and killed in the wild. But the methods used to hunt and kill protected species and other wildlife by some members of our indigenous communities, are quite simply horrific. The excuse that the cruel killing methods are used because of cultural reasons just doesn’t wash with me. Tinny boats rather than wooden canoes, petrol fuelled motors and many other modern day tools are used to hunt and kill these protected and vulnerable animals. Culture is not an excuse. It is time we all shouted loudly that we will not tolerate cruelty for any reason. Even locally in Hervey Bay I am told turtles are taken. What on earth for? No one living here has to hunt wild animals! Move on please, relegate your cultural habits to the past and make them a part of your history and not a part of your present!

KONY 2012.

Watch the video and learn about another human horror. We are shown how one man is responsible for kidnapping and training children to do unspeakable things. I am not sure that the power of the world’s ordinary peoples, powered by Facebook, Youtube and the internet can make a difference but hey the numbers of people now aware of Joseph Kony and his childrens army in Uganda amounts to millions. Maybe the shouts of disgust from right across our globe will shame someone somewhere into stopping this barbaric man. Some say it is all a big money making exercise for a charity! But I would rather err on the side of action. When we see wrong and we do nothing.. Well badness can prosper! Please watch the video and see what you think!

One Response to “Stop the Slaughter and Kony 2012”

  1. John A Neveon 12 Mar 2012 at 2:10 pm

    I cannot agree more, guns, tinny’s and outboards have nothing to do with early Australian’s culture. Allowing this sort of “hunting” to continue, is just a means of governments brown nosing to our early Australians.

    As to Kony 2012, let’s fix our problems before we engage in some one else’s.

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