Appalled, sad, upset and ready to fight!

February 19th, 2013

At no time ever did the previous amalgamated Council discuss getting rid of the Hervey Bay Esplanade nodes nor did the previous Council desire increased height limits! The ‘new’ draft scheme is exactly what I expected of Mayor O’Connell. It is now that his true desires become apparent. He has rewritten the Hervey Bay Planning a scheme and allowed high density right along the entire foreshore from Urangan to Pt Vernon. A travesty! Noosa put itself on the map by saying no to high rise! But the developers have got what they want. It is time once again for the Hervey Bay community to stand up and fight or we will surely lose our much envied lifestyle! There are 11 Councillors. It will require 6 of them to overturn this stupid ill thought out change for the worse.

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  1. Colin Burton 19 Feb 2013 at 5:59 pm

    Hervey Bay has become far too tourist oriented in the last twenty years. The resident ratepayer who wants anything done is neglected in favour of the tourist operator’s profit. Silly signs pop up all over the place – one just erected at Gatakers Bay to tell people that it IS Gatakers Bay . A hundred metres away the new boat ramp is being allowed to fall into disrepair by erosion. Sand is pushed into the hole because it is ‘cheap’ compared with a proper permanent fix. But do it a hundred times and it will cost more than one proper rock and concrete in fill and a pipe or two for the run off water. The last ‘sand push’ was a week or so ago and it is almost washed away already by poorly designed – or not designed at all – drainage of the car park and high tides and strong winds ! But hey – tourists with boats are not as numerous or as free spending as those who fly in, rent a high rise flat, and fly out again. And local boaties dont count – they dont spend in restaurants, flats, souvenir shops, accommodation, or trips to Fraser on hire boats. They only pay rates.

    Vale Hervey Bay as we knew it – soon to be another bloody Gold Coast. But money in the pockets of local businessmen and their families and associates who stand for and get on to Council. It’s up to us poor old resident voters to remove them ASAP . And meanwhile let them know we live and vote in Hervey Bay, and the tourists dont.

  2. Paulon 19 Feb 2013 at 6:08 pm

    Hi Sue,
    I’ve been up to my eyeballs in flood damage & insurance claims and have completely missed info on this. Could you send me some links please. Many thanks – Paul

  3. Sue Brookson 19 Feb 2013 at 6:51 pm

    Just check out the Council web site and the important zoning maps are right at the bottom. I will try and pop the link here to the right maps! I am still seething…

  4. Janet Kennyon 21 Feb 2013 at 8:54 pm


    I know for a fact that tourists don’t want the boring commonplace plan being promoted by this council. I am in touch with writers from around the world who have visited Hervey Bay and Fraser Isalnd and they remember it nostalgically for its wildlife–birds trees and fascinating organisms on the beach and for the connection with Fraser Island. People from America, Britain, Italy, Austria and Scandinavia. I have many friends who come from New Zealand and they want the unspoiled natural environment which Hervey Bay has/had. There are beachside suburbs everywhere. Sydney is bursting with them. These councillors are unsophisticated and greedy. They simply don’t understand the environment in which they live. The Hervey Bay that we all want is the same Hervey Bay that draws tourists.

    Today at Rod Dudgeon’s place we were wondering if people would march for what they want and if they did would anybody take any notice?

    Best wishes,

    Janet Kenny

  5. Janet Kennyon 21 Feb 2013 at 8:57 pm

    PS: I should have said that the huge apartment buildings are full of unsold apartments. There are empty offices in office blocks. Peppers went broke because of this. When the imported workers have finished building the monstrous light blockers who will profit?

  6. Patriciaon 22 Feb 2013 at 11:42 am

    “Monstrous light blockers”? Oh please! It’s aggressive untruthful statements like these that cause people to stop supporting groups like yours. Let’s stick to the facts. Hervey Bay residents aren’t going to all perish from vitamin D deficiency because of a few 6 story buildings built opposite a northerly facing beach. If this is the sole basis of your argument then your submission won’t even be considered.
    Instead of silly statements like “monstrous light blockers” and “another Gold Coast”, how about you all please politely state what exactly you don’t like about this proposed planning scheme. The Gold Coast hasn’t had 20 metre buildings opposite its beach for 50 years, so let’s stop using that comparison straight away.
    When you repeatedly mention high rises in the same sentence as the Gold Coast, people think of the 30+ story high rise apartments that are built there. That is not the proposal that is on the table, so lets address what IS on the table, and leave the scaremongering out of it. People then, even me, might just listen to what you have to say. You might even be right.

  7. Johnon 02 Apr 2013 at 2:13 pm

    Hi Sue,

    Noosa “put itself on the map” by instituting a population cap. It may well have been popular with the locals, but it is bad social and planning policy. Ideally, people should be able to move between locations as jobs and opportunities require. If the population is growing then people have to be able to live somewhere.

    Even with the changes, there are not many opportunities for high-rise left along the Esplanade, as you need a 4000+ square metre block to realistically obtain approval for a six storey development. At most, perhaps one or two more such developments would eventuate, even if the current draft is passed.

    Waxing nostalgically about the old days when Hervey Bay was a sleepy little fishing hamlet is good fun, and even I do it from time to time. People remember the good and tend to forget the bad, such as the lack of services.

    If anything, the high rise developments are a vastly better planning outcome than the sprawling low-density satellite suburbs in River Heads and Burrum Heads that require their residents to drive for half an hour to get a loaf of bread. The fact is that high-rise and infill development is a much better proposition for the environment than sprawling low rise, which has been the real travesty in Hervey Bay.

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