Ex Cyclone Oswald

January 28th, 2013

Take care everybody. I hope that you have all survived the big wet and for those living and owning businesses adjacent the Mary River I truly hope that you can recover after the water recedes. For Burrum Heads residents that have had their houses and sheds battered with roofs lost I trust that your insurance will help you recover. For families that have lost loved ones my heart goes out to you.
I am so sad that our beautiful foreshore has also taken such a battering. Many, many trees have gone, fallen by the undermining erosion as has infrastructure such as at both Aqua Vue and Enzo’s in town and many foreshore parklands have also been decimated. Now is still the time to assist those in need and to help when and where we can. Take care everybody.

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  1. Colin Burton 28 Jan 2013 at 8:43 am

    Both boat ramps at Gatakers Bay are badly undermined and crumbling. Quite a lot of the reservation made when the new lower Esplanade road was put in, some ten metres inland from the old one, has also gone and in one place the road may well follow after the next storm event . Unless something a bit more permanent than sand pushing is done on the West side of each boat ramp they too will soon follow the notices and the Koppers log fences into the ocean. Or some less careful boatie will roll his rig off when the edge pavement crumbles. But of course Council wants Ports and Harbours to do it and they dont want to know. Car park piped drainage, the lack of it, is largely responsible. Huge volumes of rainwater just run over the edge. But apart from a few trees we did not do too badly at Pt Vernon.

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