Not Just a Hissy Fit!

February 13th, 2013

What a very poor choice of headline in the Fraser Coast Chronicle today that trivialises such a very important issue. Anyone who has regularly visited any Council pound sees the end result of irresponsible cat and dog breeding. Beautiful, beautiful pets that spend their last days in a noisy horrible cage before that one way trip to the vet. Why do we as a society continue to turn a blind eye to a growing problem? We get upset about the way cattle are treated at an overseas abattoir, and rightly so, but here in our own towns and cities we are killing cats and dogs by the hundreds week in week out!

The Hervey Bay Animal Refuge (HBAR) is a privately run facility. It appears not to have a wide representative membership, regular public meetings or an open and accountable committee. I am unsure if it is in fact a legally functioning non profit organisation or registered charity. From what I
observe it is run more like a business. HBAR has a high turnover of volunteers and the most recent very hard working caretakers have just left. They say their treatment by ‘committee’ members was far from civil. Many other ex volunteers tell me similar stories.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a profit via rescuing pets in need. In fact without a profit rescue groups could not survive. But the Hervey Bay Animal Refuge continues to publicly plea for donations as well as having surrender fees and a large regular income via the Nikenbah markets, yet still continues to sell its pets undesexed! I know of no other animal rescue group that does not desex.

By not desexing HBAR is acting just like a pet shop. It is ensuring that it continues to have a never ending supply of pets by its lack of a desexing policy. The refuge is claiming to be raising funds for desexing. Has been doing so for months.. So where are these funds going? Selling non desexed cats and kittens for $10 each is irresponsible. While some new owners can and will do the right thing there will be many that won’t. Sadly at $10 a kitten it is also a cheap dinner for a hungry pet python! I desperately hope that no kittens are bought for any reason other than to become much loved and cared for and desexed family pets.

HBAR has a large cattery and excellent facilities and a sympathetic public. It is simply a great injustice to all the animal loving residents in our community that HBAR continues to sell undesexed pets. It is time that the community demanded they do the right thing. After all every other rescue group including the Maryborough Refuge can manage to sell desexed pets so there simply are no excuses!

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