Touching base…

May 22nd, 2013

Just working, working, working these days but feel sad that I neglect my blog… This blog has always been mainly a friendly place and I miss the exchange of opinions and ideas. It seems Facebook has taken over this role somewhat but I find people can be nastier on Facebook also. It is sad that people sometimes obviously feel safe to be nasty electronically but I often wonder would the same words be said face to face! Me thinks not!
But we are very busy with our new Food Truck business which requires 4 am starts and is hard work for both of us but there weren’t many job offers coming our way so buying ourselves a job seemed sensible.
The house is still a work in progress…. Maybe the tiler that we have waited over 2 weeks now for a quote will get back to us tomorrow. I am so tempted to nag but decided better not… Once the tiling is finished the vanities and taps and showers go in and we can move in. What a relief that will be…
I also try hard not to get involved or care too much about Council stuff. I am appreciating a rest from that life and the hectic world that local politics is but I am still mad keen to ensure Hervey By is not spoiled and am glad that the market downturn is keeping the development at bay because this Council is very, very pro development!
Anyhow I hope you are snuggled up tight with this cold weather and that life is treating you with kindness. Take care as always..

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  1. Patriciaon 06 Jun 2013 at 9:24 am

    It’s good to see you updating your blog. I have missed you.

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