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Foreshore under threat… what’s new it seems!

March 4th, 2012

I was so sad listening to the Mayoral candidates at the Chamber of Commerce breakfast in Hervey Bay last Wednesday. When asked about their vision for the Foreshore both Gerard O’Connell and Chris Couper had similar answers. Trees and mown lawns were the preferred model. Let’s be like Caloundra was one suggestion! Mayor Mick was the only candidate who mentioned retaining the natural areas along our foreshore. Maybe the other candidates are not aware that many rural small communities live alongside the foreshore. The foreshore isn’t just the bit in town along the Hervey Bay Esplanade but I think that section is where the question was direced to. So once again I worry that a new Council will be full of ‘clear the foreshore’ for views believers.

I spent this morning with school children, residents, Council staff and Mayor Mick at the Pier Park foreshore as part of Clean Up Australia Day. We weeded and we planted. We agreed that the high profile garden beds and the areas alongside pathways all need to be kept tidy, weed and broken timber and rubbish free and planted with predominantly native plants. My belief is that we can attain a happy balance. Ensure that the areas where the most people frequent have a slightly more garden like appearance but with a range of textures, treatments and plants. In other words a lot more variety and colour and wildlife friendly than mown lawn and a few trees would provide. I also believe that there are many, many areas of foreshore that can remain basically natural! Yes we need your help to control the weeds so join in and roll up your sleeves to keep the natural areas weed free… but NATURAL!

Last time I visited Noosa and Mission Beach both these places still have natural foreshores and yet tourism is their biggest drawcard. We need to place ourselves alongside these places not with the denuded windswept foreshores found at places like the Gold Coast etc. Our foreshore is our gold mine. It is what draws residents and tourists alike. Nuke it and you will destroy what we all love and care for. I just wonder how much longer we can battle the wishes of developers and the seemingly growing number of beach front residents who want a treeless, wildlife less, sand strewn and windswept foreshore which affords them the views they crave? As to the Mayoral candidates wanting my vote. I will not vote for anyone that even hints at a vision of the foreshore markedly different from what we already have!

Fire and Water

February 13th, 2012

Two burning issues. Firstly the sewerage treatment plants have received some criticism in the local media recently. What may not be known is that sewerage systems throughout this wide brown land of ours regularly operate on what is called bypass. If the incoming flows through the sewerage system cannot be processed then there is no alternative but for the incoming product to be flushed straight through the system unprocessed. This happens when we receive above average rainfall usually and the sewerage network is compromised by rainwater discharge entering the system. The can occur through ageing infrastructure and by illegal connections made to the sewerage network by residential or other property owners. Only last week I was walking in the Maryborough CBD, jumped over a drain grate and saw what looked like oil in the bottom of the pit. Maybe from the road surface maybe not! Illegally using stormwater drains to dispose of other waste is not on and using sewerage systems to direct stormwater and other waste is also illegal! It is not WBWC’s new CEO, Mr Peter Scott,  who is to blame for any of these problems including the recent breakdown of equipment at Maryborough. I am sure that Mr Peter Scott is doing his utmost to fix all these problems that he has inherited. It will take time and it costs money but if we want to have a top class sewerage treatment capability please do the right thing yourself and also report any illegal connections and/or activities that you are aware of. This region has inherited much ageing infrastructure above and below ground. It takes time and funding (money) to fix the problems from the past but slowly and surely fix them we will.

Fire.. Without any consultation of my knowledge to Council, the State Government decided to build a new Urban Fires Station at Craignish. I watched the station being built with interest but without any knowledge of what the impact on my community this station would bring! This station will not be manned! It will rely on on call staff to use the fire truck stationed there. So on first glance one would think we are receiving an improved service wouldn’t one. But at what cost? Not only will it still take heaps of time for an urban fire truck to attend if our house is burning down it means that our rural fire brigades will miss out on their component of the rural fire levy they usually receive.

In one swift move an entire section of countryside including Dundowran, Craignish, Toogoom etc is now classed as urban. This means our fire levy fees will rise an enormous amount. But what does it mean to the rural fire brigades which still are needed to fight ‘rural’ type fires? It means that they won’t have access to rural fire levy income usually collected from the househlds in this area. You see they receive no direct funding from the State Government and depend on the Fire Levy collected by your Council. Now there will be less rural fire levy collected come rates time.

What does this mean for Council? Other than raising the Fire Levy fee for everyone else still classified as rural, and so spreading the burden to every single ratepayer, I do not know. Should these rural brigades simply close down? I don’t think we want to lose them do we? These brigades are the backbone of our rural areas and often help urban brigades and travel far and wide in times of disaster. I believe Council has been left in a no win situation. I cannot see any easy solution so please have your say about it. Talk to your State Member and ring and write to let us all know what you think is the best way forward. After all I am sure the State Government won’t dismantle the station now. We are stuck with this situation like it or not! But maybe with enough community pressure the State Government will consider more adequately funding our rural fire brigades. Residents have until 23 March to provide feedback on these changes by emailing servicedelivery& by writing to the Commissioners at GPO Box 1425, Brisbane Q  4001. The local rural fire brigade office is Maryborough..

Maryborough 98 Lennox Street MARYBOROUGH QLD 4650 4190 4839

Dogs and Cats

February 5th, 2012

In response to Mr MacKellar’s letter to the Chronicle.

Jim MacKellar (FCC 4/2/12), asks the question of the Council Revenue Policy in relation to the recently announced Responsible Pet Ownership Initiatives. FCRC does aim to maintain a user pays focus when setting its fees and charges but this is a general approach and by the nature of the work that Council does it has to be this way. Library, Gallery and Parks users don’t pay to use these facilities directly so the cost of maintaining them has to be obtained from somewhere. Our community has a right to have access to many and varied services and facilities and it also has the right and the expectation that Council will deal with wandering and/or homeless dogs and cats. The money spent on customer service calls, compliance officers driving around and collecting stray animals, pound services and feeding the poor pets that end up in the pound and ultimately euthanizing animals etc, far exceeds the income derived from animal registration charges.

Council has committed to the Responsible Pet Ownership incentives to try and reduce the overall cost to the community that wandering and homeless animals cause. The initatives are aimed at assisting those that can least afford desexing costs such as pensioners, to have their pets desexed. The RSPCA desexing van should run on a cost neutral basis and Council will also undertake a compliance door knock where persons with unregistered animals will be fined.

All residents are paying towards animal compliance and therefore it is important for those who own animals to do the right thing and have them registered, thereby reducing the cost burden on all of us. What we have done in the past, while achieving some positive outcomes, has not had any measurable success in decreasing the problem of homeless pets or the numbers of pets being euthanized. Sometimes it is necessary to invest some funds to gain a future saving. If these initiatives show no positive results I don’t expect that they will be continued.

I believe these initiatives will actually save ratepayers money in the long term and I will continue to ask that Council also introduces compulsory dog and cat desexing and breeder permits via its Local Laws. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a society where owning a desexed cat or dog was the socially acceptable thing to do and where so many Council pounds and animal rescue shelters were no longer required.

SEMP feedback due now

January 22nd, 2012

Please visit the Council home page or your Library to view a copy of this important document. Feedback is due by Feb 3rd.

Now is the time to Have Your Say on Stage 2 of the Shoreline Erosion Management Plan better known as the SEMP. The plan is nearing completion and will give us guidance as to our options when trying to combat shoreline erosion.

I know that some members of the community believe combating erosion is a waste of time and money and that we should let nature take its course but we are faced with losing millions of dollars of public and private beach land and infrastructure and I am firmly in the let’s do something camp.

I would like to see the urban beaches preserved and protected so that this unique coastal strip can be enjoyed by our descendants. To do this we must ensure we do it right the first time. There is nothing worse than wasting money on so called clever solutions that don’t work.

Now to the SEMP. The first section is all about stuff we mostly already know but the Appendices are where you will find the important detail. Appendix C outlines the costing’s of various erosion protection activities from sand pushing to rock walls. My only complaint about this section is that there are no local costing’s and I believe our Council conducted sand pushing at a greatly reduced cost than is quoted here.

App D. The options criteria are described and I believe this section is quite well dons. App E describes the erosion prone areas and maps the predicted inundation by the sea to the existing coastline. A bit scary if you are a property owner in the areas outlined. App F shows what we will lose. App G totals up the land value that could be lost based on current pricing. The total of $887 million dollars’ worth of land potentially lost provides an idea in real terms of what we are fighting for. App H describes the options for action or no action.

My concern with this last Appendix is that it has ranked the options according to the current legislation. By way of example if the Marine Park zoning prohibits certain activities e.g. sand pushing or sand scraping as the SEMP calls it, then the SEMP says we can’t do it. I would have preferred that the SEMP provided a list of options that would be the best ones for the coastline regardless of legislation and then another list demonstrating whether the option was permitted or not under current legislation. This will be the basis for my feedback.

I want to know what the best solution is first and foremost. If that solution is the best then I want the legislation changed. I don’t want to lose coastline or waste money on less effective solutions if the only stumbling block is current legislation. We need to treat our coastline with respect, with care and we need to spend money sensibly on outcomes that are proven to work.

Feel free to copy any of this and use it to assist you with your submission but please take the time to voice your opinion. If we don’t have our say we can’t really complain later on!

SEMP… The process drags on!

January 15th, 2012

Council is pushing ahead with the SEMP or shoreling management plan even while we aren’t actually pushing much sand around our coast line. The latest stage of this large document is now available for public perusal and input. You can find links to the SEMP progress on the Council home page or via this link

I know it is still holiday time for a lot of you and I have already had the opportunity to provide some input but while the weather is wet and entices us indoors maybe this is an ideal time to catch up on some SEMP reading and write a submission?

The main point I will be making is that we need solutions regardless of the current State Government legislation. If the SEMP only provides solutions to erosion based on current State Government Legislation we may be short changing ourselves.. I want to know what are the best engineered and environmentally responsible solutions to our coastal erosion regardless of what we are ‘allowed’ to do or not! We don’t want to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on solutions simpy because of State Government red tape. My idea is to change the State Legislation to make it meet our needs.

Letter to the Ed, Council pay and the Structure Plan for Eli to Dundowran..

December 22nd, 2011

Catching up with things slowly but surely. It is still a busy time it seems with many emails and phone calls to attend to. I couldn’t help but respond to Mr Jim MacKellars comment in the Chronicle yesterday. This is what I wrote in response…

Jim MacKellar (FCC
21/12/11) says that a recently released Council concept plan for a sporting centre is a good idea but that it should be built in Maryborough. Last time I looked Maryborough was quite well serviced with sporting facilities. Hervey Bay is not. Hervey Bay requires new netball courts, sporting ovals and grounds to accommodate a variety of sports. Hervey Bay sports people still have no access to an adequate basketball facility nor an indoor cricket/netball facility. Yes the PCYC is very well used as are private facilities, but with the predicted population growth Council needs to plan ahead. The complex proposed at Urangan, while not as central as I would prefer, will cost Council zero dollars for the land. To purchase the large amount of land required to build a truly multi use complex elsewhere, would cost this community millions. Isn’t it time we realised that both Hervey Bay and Maryborough require their own facilities and that while we enjoy sharing the Brolga theatre, art galleries and the like,
Hervey Bay requires its own entertainment venue and sporting grounds. I don’t agree that all things should be built in Maryborough. Both cities and all our surrounding towns deserve a level of services and facilities commensurate with their population. Please don’t deny Hervey Bay and surrounding residents accessto their own much needed facilities.

I should have added that we do not want to duplicate facilities also though….

Now recently Councillors advised that our pay is being reduced. I have no problems with this reduction in pay. I don’t know why they ever placed an amalgamation loading on the first term after amalgamation anyway. Yes it was different work but work is work!

The Structure Plan for the Eli Waters to Dundowran Beach land has been released and I urge all residents that are interested in it to Have Your Say. This land is exceedingly low lying and Council has endeavoured to restrict the development footprint by increasing density into smaller pockets. I trust that this will be a better outcome than bringing in tonnes of fill and developing the entire area.

As always let me know if you have concerns about Council related and other issues and also pop over to Facebook. I have both a personal and a Councillor Sue Brooks Facebook pages. Take care, Sue

Last Council Meeting for this year and other stuff

December 12th, 2011

Well another year nearly over how time flies. At our last meeting we will receive reports about a drainage issue in Woocoo Park, the Economic Development Advisory Committee minutes, the Quarterly report on the implementation of the Corporate Plan and Operaional Plan, which helps us track our progress, a Policy review as a result of the new Local laws which we adopted last week, our Financial Report, Local Disaster Management Plan Vol 1, and in confidential we will decide on some proposed amendments to all 4 Planning Schemes in relation to priority Infrastructure Plans.

Mostly non contentious issues which might be a nice way to end the year. But wait theres more… On Wednesday evening there is a community consultation meeting regarding the Eli Waters Structure Pan. This area of land is the large lot between Eli Waters and Anson’s Rd, Dundowran beach. The structure plan will guide how this very low lying land may be developed. I recommend anyone interested attend the meeting at the Urangan Community Centre this coming Wednesday at 6pm. There is also time to have your say so watch the Council web site for details.

Also of interest to those of us at Dundowran and further afield is a proposal to change the caravan park development application on the corner of Anson’s Rd and the Pialba Burrum Heads Rd to a residential development of half acre blocks (Park Residential) and include a Club and sporting facilities. I personally believe the concept is a better fit to that piece of land than a caravan park but please tell me what you think. I don’t believe a DA has yet been lodged but I am aware that many community members did submit against the caravan park application.

Now that Divisions are decided I find that people power won through and from Burrum Heads to Dundowran is now all included in Division 5. I have already confirmed my intention to nominate for this Division. I am very keen to see this area well looked after while maintaining our wonderful lifestyle. We really do live in the best part of the Fraser Coast… and am I biased? Most definately! Thank you to all the residents who did take the time to make a submission.

Lastly, due to the recent media headlines, I mention my role as President of Pet Warriors. It is a role I did not ask for and would prefer not to have! I was asked to step into the role when the organisation was about to disintegrate. All groups and associations require diligent committee members and Pet Warriors had struggled to attract responsible committee members as do many organisations these days. But I don’t run away when the going gets tough. Pet Warriors is saving many 4 legged lives and it will continue to do so. I am personally determined to ensure that this group of hard working volunteers receives the support it deserves and that the organisation is run openly and abides by all required legislation. I am absolutely gratified and thankful for the new level of support that recent publicity has given us here at Pet Warrior world. To all of you that have come back on board to foster a pet in need, my deepest appreciation and to everyone else for your emails and calls of support, on behalf of our committee I thank you. Yes Pet Warriors does take up my time but it is time that I used to call my ówn’ time! Council is my first and foremost responsibility. I have zero spare time these days it seems.. Take care, Sue

Take care, Sue

Divisions Finalised

November 29th, 2011

What a good example of people power we have experienced these last couple of weeks. When we received the Change Commissioner’s recommended Divisions for the Fraser Coast many of us experienced a “why on earth would you do that” moment. I personally expressed my views and posted them here and quite a number of people agreed with me and sent in their thoughts to the Change Commissioner. Hon Mr Paul Neville also wrote a submission which aligned with my thoughts that coastal communities in Hervey Bay should not be connected to a suburb of Maryborough. The Change Commissioner obviously paid attention to the community feedback and Divisions 4 and 5 were altered. Divisin 5 now encompasses the area from Dundowran Beach through to Burrum Heads, taking in Burrum Town and Pacific Haven and inland as far as the Torbanlea Rd. I believe the outcome for this area is a sensible one but I do feel for the rural areas which have been broken up in a horizontal manner. Divisions 1 and 2 are quite large and quite different from what had been proposed. View the maps at

But at the end of the day it is time to get on with things and accept the changes that have been made. It is gratifying though to see such a clear response to our submissions and I appreciate the time that all of you made to submit your thoughts. Well done everyone. Another example of people power is the recent works to clear the smelly algae from the beach around Craignish. While most years the algae breaks down naturally and relatively quickly this year the smell was nauseating even for people living along the top of the hills. The smelly section of coast was smaller than in past years but as soon as I becamse aware of the problem Council officers and the Mayor were notified and Council swung into action. This event underlined the importance of contacting your Councillors when you encounter Council related problems. Councillors can make decisions and get things happening. Don’t forget that we are here to help you negotiate the red tape and bureaucratic jungle that is found in all layers of Government these days! (I just wish I could unravel the mountains of red tape around the sand pushing roadblocks but we are chipping away).Council will be erecting signs along the beach and creeks in the Craignish area to advise residents that some of the algae has been identified as blue green algae and can be harmful. Please don’t touch the algae and ensure your kids and pets leave it alone also. The prolonged dry seems to have facilitated this bloom in the stagnant creeks but maybe a quick reminder to reduce or stop using fertilisers etc and look after our ground water and garden run off is timely.

Council meets again next week and it is hard to believe that soon we stop work for Christmas and January. There will be full agendas I expect, with the Local Laws and Structure Planning reports to be adopted prior to Christmas. As always I believe there will be opportunities for community feedback during this holiday period. Many people grumble when feedback is required during the holidays but it is unavoidable if we want to keep the wheels turning and move projects forward. I will endeavour to alert you to these requests for feedback as they occur. Then we will blink and it will be March and the elections. I expect I had better start preparing my brochures etc as so far I haven’t done a thing.

Personally speaking Pet Warriors is keeping me busy also. Suddenly I have been thrust into this role and have more work than I was expecting. But saving little (and some much larger lives) is a wonderful feeling and the joy that people receive from adopting a beautiful dog or cat in need is reward in bucketfuls. Thank you to everyone for helping us help these death row hounds and pusscats. It is still difficult for me to walk away and leave some pets behind at the pound. I will continue to strive towards compulsory desexing of cats, and hopefully dogs, in the New Year. Most reponsible breeders will welcome this move as it will improve their reputations and community standing while helping to stop indiscriminate and accidental breeding.

Lastly a quick thank you for the emails and calls of support I received after my scribbled written account of my experience with domestic violence a long time ago. The full story is found on this website under the Meanderings and Musings tab. Domestic violence is not the right way to describe the awful situation that many women experience when a loved one looses control and stops behaving rationally. I still get very, very angry that the problem re occurs and seems to be worse than ever. Maybe this is not the case but it seems we have a long way to go before we find a solution which enables us all to live peacefully and safely. Take care and thanks again for taking the time to read my writings and to submit your thoughts to the Change Commissioner. Cheers, Sue

Divided over Divisions.

November 9th, 2011

Like it or not our Fraser Coast Regional area has been divided into ten separate divisions. Personally I believed that divisions were what the majority of the community desired and supported the change. However I would have much preferred that we had ended up with multi member divisions so that the community still had a choice of Councillor and that each Councillor had another councillor with which to share the workload etc.

But the best laid plans don’t always provide the outcome we desire. The current proposed 10 divisions don’t, in my opinion, provide the local representation that divisions should be designed to do. Now before I go any further I have to state the obvious in that I am hoping to represent our community for another 4 years at the next Council election in March next year. For that reason my comments cannot be other than tinged with some small amount of personal interest. I believe this would be the case for each and every sitting Councillor and each and every prospective candidate. The reason for this is that for the first time in my experience where I live…. matters. I live at Dundowran Beach and have always lived here (or owned property here) since I arrived in 1998. I absolutely adore this beautiful patch of paradise and can’t contemplate living any where else ever.. space for trees and beach and town close by. What’s not to like!

I believe that the divisions should reflect communities that are in a similar geographical area and that have a community of interest. I don’t believe the current proposed divisions do this. Specifically Divisions 4 and 5 which cover the coastal communities of Dundowran, Cariagnish, Toogoom on through to Burrum Heads which have been enlarged to include parts of Maryborough being Granville and Tinana. I cannot see any logic to this approach.

It is unnecessary for a Councillor living along the coast, as I do, to represent the coastal communities as well as a suburb or two of Maryborough. It is even more unfair to expect Maryborough residents to believe they have a common interest with the residents of our Hervey Bay coastal communities. It is obvious that one section of each of these divisions will miss out on what can be called ‘local’ representation. 

All the models that have previously been presented to Council did not carve up our region in this manner so the latest proposal was a complete surprise to all. I believe that the coastal communities should be included in one division and that Maryborough should not be carved up and sectioned off in small bits to meet the population targets of geographically distant areas. I believe this carving up of Maryborough could see Maryborough or the surrounding rural communities badly disadvantaged come April 2012. 

Whether you agree with me, or not, please take the time to voice your opinion to the Change Commissioner before Monday the 14th of November. It is a very simple process, quick and painless. Whether you submit one sentence or a long letter your opinion is important.  

I don’t believe the people of Dundowran, Craignish, Toogoom and Burrum Heads through to Nikenbah and Takura as well as the people of Torbanlea and Howard and the small communities in between, will be best represented by a Granville or Tinana based Councillor and I don’t believe that Maryborough residents will want to support a Hervey Bay coastal based Councillor. After all the reasons most people voted for divisions was to provide them with that ‘local’representation. The divisions as proposed, I believe, will further divide our community rather than provide a fair and equitable distribution of Councillor representation. Our communities deserve better. 

But at the end of the day each Councillor will work hard to represent whichever area they are successful in being elected to represent. All sitting Councillors represent the entire region now. I am very, very confident that no matter where the lines on the map are eventually drawn, Councillors will continue to work in the very best interests of the community that they represent no matter how large or small the area. All Councillors must always place the needs of the entire region above the needs of a smaller section of that region.

I believe the boundaries will be changed if enough people ask them to be changed. I will be asking that Maryborough be divided more fairly and that the coastal communities and rural townships be kept more separate from the larger urban communities. I believe this is a fairer distribution than the one proposed. To have your say simply visit the ECQ web site and follow the advice there.

Feedback can be emailed to with the name of the council in the subject field. Feedback can also be posted to

Local Government Change Commission
GPO Box 1393 Brisbane 4001

Submissions close on Monday 14 November 2011.

Thanks once again for taking the time to read my musings and for your interest in your Local Government. I trust that this finds you well, happy and enjoying the warm spring weather. Many, many cheers, Sue

Council update… slightly belated

October 20th, 2011

I was having some technical issues with this blog so my apologies for not posting news recently. But back to it.

Yesterday Council considered several interesting items. We received a petition against one-waying streets in the Maryborough CBD, we updated our meeting schedule to ensure the Christmas break is accounted for, and we received a report in response to an ongoing drainage issue in East St, Howard. The report outlined the history of the site in question and highlighted the fact that in days past the levels of assessment for earth works like dams etc was quite different to what it is today and that many of our residential areas are developed on low lying flat land that stays wet when we have wet periods. While Council will continue to work towards alleviating the worst problems where we can, we do have to prioritise based on the most needed works coming first and also on the amount of funds we can allocate to such works.

Next we received a report about the Council Pound facilities with a further discussion being requested by Councillors. I am very concerned about the lack of space at the Hervey Bay facility and the manner in which the dogs and cats are housed. I do hope we can fast track the proposed improvements to this facility as soon as possible. As always it is so sad but a harsh reality to see the numbers of animals that we euthanise week in week out! Council then decided to invite expressions of interest in relation to our Organic/Green Waste Management and we received our Quarterly Report on Council attendances at conferences. I attended the FIDO (Fraser Island Defenders Organisation) conference at the cost to Council of $80.

Council accepted the recommendations for the Community Grants scheme and received our Financial Report. We also received and adopted amendments to the Development Assessment Fees and Charges to account for recent amendments to the Hervey Bay Planning Schemes etc.  We then considered and received reports on the concepts for better traffic flow and car parking in the Nissen Urraween Rd intersection area between the exisiting Hervey Bay Hospital and soon to be developed St Stephens Hospital. This is so Council can work together with both hospitals to attract funding to assist us to make the best possible community outcome for this precinct. I beleive the designs are well done and will make hospital visits as well as traffic flow through Nissen St safer and much more pleasant than would otherwise occur without the co-operation of all 3 entities.

Council also endorsed the Maryborough City Heart branding with the request that Councils considerable staff contribution to this work be made clear. Via the confidential section of the meeting Council endorsed a concept plan for the development of Burrum Town which is a great and long awaited leap forward for this area, and we are to put out the public notifications for proposed for Maryborough, Tiaro, Woocoo and Hervey Bay to include Priority Infrastructure Plans. This has been long awaited and it is good to see it finally nearing the end of the process of adopting our PIP’s! we also received an update on compliance related issues for a property in Howard.

But not forgetting that your opinions are being sought on some park upgrades at the moment. This afternoon in Granville, there is an onsite meeting and we still would like to hear your thoughts about the Scarness Park. So once again I recommend that you make frequent visits to the News and Have Your Say sections of the Council web site to see what is happening and to take the opportunity to provide us with your feedback. We are keen to reflect the community’s desires as much as we possibly can so join in and let us know your thoughts.

Lastly it is a busy time for functions. This weekend sees the Torbanlea Races and Shakepeare on the Bay. Hope to see you there and I have all fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain! Take care, Sue



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