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September 24th, 2009

Great to read the story in the Chronicle today written by Stephen O’Grady after he spoke with me on Tuesday. After Peter Chapman wrote about this blog on Saturday I took up his invitation to call him. We had a short but informative and very cordial chat and Peter decided to ask Stephen to follow up on some of the issues that I had raised via this blog.

I thank Peter and Stephen for giving me the opportunity to be heard. My worries about how a conversation would turn out in print were unnecessary as Stephen has done a good job. Chronicle journalists have in the past, had a hard time being granted enough space to write very many ‘in depth’ news stories. I look forward to the new look Chronicle, under Peter’s leadership, devoting more space to a story or interview so that we the reading public, can learn more about a particular issue or person and receive both sides to any given issue.  In the national weekend papers I enjoy feature columns where a writer can take the time to develop a line of thought or give us a very detailed account of an issue. While I understand that space is more limited in a daily regional paper I hope we can somehow squash in the longer story.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the entire front page being devoted to a story about the eagles nesting at Urangan earlier this week. Now that front page story was a lovely way to start the day. Much more uplifting than the latest car crash or courthouse story. My only question now is …’What has happened to Quick Draw?” Whoever was the human behind these cartoons they added a very special something local to our daily news. I hope Quick Draw is having a holiday and will be back soon to enlighten us, irritate us or humour us via those skillfully rendered cartoons.

In relation to development issues the main point I was attempting to make is that Council has to decide a development application based on compliance with a set of rules and if these rules don’t provide the result we, as a community desire, then we should change the rules. And yes I truly wish that we had fewer ‘rules’ and where we have good rules that we have a better means of enforcing them.

(So while I think of rules…. to the guys continually fishing at Arkarra Lagoons we know you are doing it and it is against a Council rule. The lagoon is a no fishing area. Many residents are very annoyed that you are blatantly breaking the rules… Maybe a hefty fine will get the message across).

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  1. Kesavon 26 Nov 2015 at 9:46 am

    Nowadays, people ullausy ignore the importance of keeping small promises since they think that they’re not that “important”. That’s probably why . Contrary to what most people think, I think you can tell a lot about a person by seeing if s/he keep the small promises. The same goes for businesses too.

  2. Sue Brookson 01 Mar 2016 at 11:08 am

    yes this is so very, very true

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