Election Dates, signs and a bit about Dog Parks

January 28th, 2012

A bit of a mixed bag this post.. Firstly I was just as annoyed as most people I have spoken to about the changed date for the Local Government Election. To shift the date forward to April 28th impacts badly on many people. Sitting Councillors who had already chosen not to run again have holidays booked and planned. Sitting Councillor candidates as well as new candidates had their advertising booked. But most of all it is just another 4 weeks of uncertainty and disruption leading up to the day. When the focus should be all about the job at hand it is impossible to not be thinking of the coming election day so we all have another 4 weeks of stress and worry etc.
I do not enjoy election campaigns. I detest the entire process but it is a necessary process so I will do what I always do. Stress about what to write, stress about organising helpers and just massively stress about the entire election.
But the fact that Ms Anna Bligh is waiting for the flood report is a bad excuse to use to justify her action. Does she think waiting for a report which she expects to paint Campbell Newman badly is a good reason to disrupt Local Government? I don’t think her action will gain her any support at all but further harm her reputation as a leader.
Also it must be remembered that the Council logo is protected by copyright to Council. The logo should not be used without permission and I believe candidates should already be aware of that and not use it or attempt to use a similar image. Election signs are expensive items so it is a waste of money to get it wrong….
DOG PARKS. I have asked constantly about introducing these throughout our region. But the challenge is to find the right location for them. Whenever Council selects a potential site it seems that the surrounding neighbours veto the idea. So the solution is for residents to identify where they would like a dog off lead park and then gather support from the surrounding residents. If we find a suitable site I am sure we can tweak the budget to pay for the needed fencing which may be a considerable cost.
Take care driving around please. Council staff were busy last night trying to erect signage but it is impossible to sign everywhere when all the usual roads flooded with the heavy rain. As locals we are familiar with the trouble spots but just slow down. It is so much safer to drive to the conditions. Driving to Maryborough yesterday evening to rehome a beautiful dog saw me out and about in the worst of it. But nearly everyone was driving slower than usual and taking care. The Council after hours number was taking a huge number of calls and reporting flooded roads to staff but itis up to us to drive ‘to the conditions’. In other words take care and go slowly….

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  1. Jane Hansonon 28 Jan 2012 at 7:13 am

    Juist in regard to the dog park, I have already suggested to Council that the existing, enclosed, area currently used for dog training in Boundary Road could be opened to the public. There are no close residential houses in this area and it has a wire fence that would stop any pooch from escaping and running onto the road.

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