Saying it just like it is….

March 24th, 2012

This is such a good clip. The challenge for politicians is to say NO. No we can’t spend money willy nilly, no we can’t fund every charity that starts up. No we can’t fund every grant application. No we can’t give you money just to have a baby, no we can’t give you money for sitting on your backside doing nothing when you are absolutely capable of working and there are jobs available for you. (Genuinely unemployed do need looking after..). Maybe if the politicians made tougher sensible choices nobody would vote for them but hey we are turning our society into one where too many people believe they are entitled to our working peoples (employed people) money via the Government, without contributing directly themselves. We have so many charities and non profit groups doing the same things and huge big gaps in Government spending where there is no Government help for people truly in need. By way of example mental health is totally under funded!

We need some balance and some long hard looking at what we want our taxes spent on! The waste of money at all levels of Government is astronomical.. I believe our Council is much less wasteful than other layers of Government as we have taken a good hard look and trimmed wherever we could and yet, yes we still borrow and we still have debt. I do believe some debt is necessary just like a home mortgage is the only way to buy your own home but other than to build infrastructure debt at the Government level must be avoided.

Anyhow I will jump down off my high horse now… Please watch the clip. It is a good one…

Brilliantly put.


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  1. Colin Burton 24 Mar 2012 at 10:44 am

    Thank God there are still one or two politicians left like Godfrey Bloom. From, of course, Yorkshire. Pity we cannot have similar in Canberra, the State Parliaments and, yes, Councils. People who realise that it is TAXPAYER money, your money, my money, being squandered on football stadiums, concert halls, grand prix motor race courses, junket trips overseas, and helping Uncle Sam fight his silly foreign wars. Which he always seems to lose after his and our young men have been killed in places we have no business to be.

    In supporting hordes of illegal immigarants – boat people – in motel comfort whilst our own poor sleep under bridges . Whilst our convicted criminals pass through revolving door ‘prisons’ because we will not afford more capacity to keep them inside. Whilst patients wait in ambulances on hospital forecourts . Whilst police are never there when you need one. Whilst highways are flooded goat tracks.

    Priorities are sadly awry in Australia and many western nations. Reality needs to bite and Godfrey Bloom appears to be it’s apostle.

  2. Dingosimonon 24 Mar 2012 at 10:58 am

    So does that mean you will vote LNP today ? haahhaah

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