Councillors Please Listen to Your Community

December 1st, 2014

Dear Councillors.

The very worst thing for a person to feel is that they are worthless, useless and uncared for.

We are extremely lucky to live in a country where we are part of the government process. Where we have a direct say in how we are governed. But when we become disillusioned with those we appoint as our leaders we vote for change.

To say that I feel ignored is an understatement. Please realise, before it is too late, that all of us voted for just one Councillor and the Mayor. Some of us have no one on Council that we voted for! So when you sit in those Council Chambers and make decisions on my behalf how do you begin to know what I desire?

You don’t ever ask me how I think about anything. My Councillors need to be happy to hear from me. They should engage in a discussion with the entire community when ever they are deciding on a grand plan or even on a small plan!

Recently over 65 people met on our foreshore in Hervey Bay. On a busy Friday in the middle of the day with only a few days notice. We came together to tell you that we care about your plans for a playground on the foreshore at Torquay. We gathered because we care about the loss of trees that this park entails.

Please Councillors listen to us. Hear us and support your community. Posting your plans on your web site is not consultation. You have one meeting left this year. Can you please decide to wait. Don’t kill these trees that were planted so many years ago by a sensible resident and business owner. All we ask is that you take the time to listen.

Sue Brooks

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  1. Janet Kuengon 04 Dec 2014 at 9:29 am

    Yes Council please don’t destroy the Cotton Woods at Ernie Organ Park.

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