More Foreshore Trees to get the Chop!

October 23rd, 2014

More foreshore trees to get the chop!
My questions are. Do we need more grass here? Should these valuable dune protecting trees be removed for grass?
This information comes via the CEO not via the Councillors.
“In relation to the Cottonwoods, there are approximately 400sqm of Cottonwoods proposed to be removed from the northern area of Organ Park as part of a whole park upgrade. In determining the amount to be removed, consideration was given to retaining the existing Cottonwood tunnel over the beach access and the Cottonwoods to the east of this tunnel. A 15m wide length of Cottonwoods will be retained along the fore dune so that natural benefits derived from this vegetation to the park will still exist.
The cleared area will be changed into an open green space for passive recreation that will compliment other improvements in park infrastructure proposed for the park. The map below shows the extent of clearing works”.


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