Bye, bye grey skies hello blue.

January 6th, 2015

A grey day. Grey skies and grey seas and I’m feeling somewhat grey too. The last week of holidays however is to be treasured so time to shake off the grey, smile and be grateful for lots and lots of things… And get back to our house painting!
I have always found the best remedy for inertia, malaise and negative feelings is simply to do something. Doing nothing just magnifies and prolongs that grey feeling.
Why the grey though? Well I have been following with great interest the page of Dr David Pascoe on Facebook. He has started something special. He wrote a passionate letter explaining how the farmers are being forced off their land by banks and by mining. He is now exposing story after story demonstrating how corrupt and under handed is our current crop of political leaders. The reading is very depressing. 
It is depressing because I think that most of us believe we are powerless to fix it. Labor was bad so we voted for the other team. Now they seem to be even worse. All of us struggle to balance work with lifestyle and family. The bills don’t stop coming and they continue to get bigger and bigger.
So back to Dr David. He has decided that if we vote for Independent candidates things should change. I am agreeing with him. If we choose an honest, hard working non career politician then maybe, just maybe we can bring about change. Yes it is difficult to choose but hey going with the flow and doing what we have always done is not working. It is broken. It needs fixing!
These last few weeks have delivered much needed rain and they have delivered us a way forward. Do go and read what David Pascoe is saying. He speaks from the heart. We are listening. None of us will agree with every single thing any candidate offers us but please choose someone that hits the nail on the head for you more times than not. Choose someone who will work for you. We can fix this mess we are in.

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