Time to Vote

January 29th, 2015

I am voting for Jannean Dean who is standing as an Independent candidate for Hervey Bay. My reasons are simple. I have lost any faith I ever had in both of our major parties. These parties can boast a membership of under fifty thousand people each as far as I can see and I don’t want such a small number of people holding sway.
We tend to believe that both the LNP and the ALP are huge enormous parties but in reality they have a small group of dedicated party faithful and another group of very wealthy donors. Donors who absolutely expect favours in return.
By way of example the online group Get Up can boast over six hundred thousand members… So for me it is time to vote for the person not the party.
Now I have not known Jannean very long though I do recall her working at TAFE at the same time that I did many years ago, but in the time I have known her I have come to have confidence in her. Firstly she cares about us and she cares about Hervey Bay. No she isn’t an experienced politician but without doubt she has the ability to learn quickly.
When we owned a food franchise that required employees we soon learned the best employee wasn’t necessarily an ‘experienced’ person. We had great success by choosing staff based on intelligence, willingness to learn and personality. I am employing these same strategies at this election.
I hope many of you can also support Jannean. Jannean will work hard and she will build strong relationships with those that can help Hervey Bay. She has worked so hard these last few weeks and is keen to listen and learn.
The major parties offer more of the same old, same old. I simply want to give the major parties a message. That message is you don’t deserve my vote! Jannean has already built a relationship with other Independent candidates and is supporting Chris Foley in Maryborough and vice a versa.
So for me, this year, it is Vote 1 Jannean Dean.

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