And so it begins

February 18th, 2016

Four years away from Council and I am angry. Much of the good work done by past Councils has been undone. Customer service is still a joke. On the numerous occasions I have questioned Council during the last 4 years the only prompt action I have received is when I have communicated via a Councillor.
Council must be our friend not our foe!

It is time to ensure we have a CEO who ensures staff respond to the community quickly and positively. The time to change things is now. New software and new processes are essential. If bigger Councils like Brisbane can manage customer requests why can’t we?

Do – Listen to the people. Council must act on what people say

Do – Ensure roads, drainage and footpath programmes are in place to ensure this infrastructure is built where it is needed the most and not where friends and mates live!

Do – Buy our own sand pushing machinery so annual sand pushing can occur quickly and cheaply. It works so just do it

Do – Make fees affordable so that business can do business! A $9.000.00 fee just to apply for a dog boarding facility. Really! 


Bring back – Proper inclusive community consultation and act on what the people say
Bring back – Rules and regulations that are fair for everyone not just the chosen few

Bring back – More frequent Council meetings and include public participation as before

Bring back – Hervey Bay Light Parade as part of our once fantastic Whale Festival

Bring Back – Fraser Coast Opportunities and Wide Bay Water Corporation to Council

Bring Back – After hours Compliance staff


Stop – Trashing our history. Don’t move the Pialba Hall, the Scarness Rotunda or the Torquay Foreshore Tennis Court

Stop – Spending millions of dollars on the Sports precinct but do develop this land slowly in an affordable manner with grant funding

Stop – Rate rises by reducing spending on things that are the responsibility of Federal and State Gov.

Stop – Rates Levies. People know this is a sneaky way to make them pay more at rates time

Stop – Giving preferential treatment to particular developers and contractors etc.

Stop – Giving donations to organisations from Dog and Cat registration fees. Fees to be spent directly on Animal Management and nothing else. End cat rego fees as this fee is just money grabbing

Stop – Selling off our precious parks and green open spaces

Stop – Building things we don’t need

I promise to work harder than ever to represent you. Please let me know what you need via phone on 07 4128 6156 or 0407 412 800 or [email protected] or Facebook. 

Written by Sue Brooks – 9 Dundowran Beach Esplanade, Dundowran Beach, Qld, 4655


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