Development. The good, the bad and the ugly

February 25th, 2016

How do we ensure that our region attracts ‘good’ development? What is ‘good’ development versus bad? Good development is any development that fits the requirements of our Planning Scheme so it is very important to ensure we have a great Planning Scheme that encourages the type of development we want here.
The previous Council had to join together 4 different Planning schemes when amalgamation was forced upon us. We had already decided to retain the ‘nodes’ along our Esplanade and to retain the 8 storey height limit within those nodes. We talked to our residents to make sure the changes were generally agreed upon. We fixed many mistakes. The job was nearly done but then came the 2008 election.

So a brand new Council and Mayor O’Connell the only surviving Councillor. Mayor O’Connell knew exactly which way the community wanted the new Planning Scheme to go. Stick to the nodes for high rise and Hervey Bay people, in the main, will be happy.

But instead, within months, we had a totally new plan with high rise the entire length of The Esplanade. One of the brand new Councillors once told me that this was sold to them as what the previous Council wanted! Well no it wasn’t.

So now we have high rise allowed in places the community doesn’t want it and up to 20 storeys allowed at Urangan….. The people spoke but were ignored. 

We don’t want ugly. We don’t want inappropriate either. We want sensible well planned development that enhances our lifestyle and attracts visitors and new residents. Noosa attracts heaps of tourists but they don’t go there for high rise. They go there for the natural surroundings and relaxed feel of the place. That is why I came here. Maybe it is time to turn back time in relation to this Planning scheme?

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  1. Doug Riachon 25 Feb 2016 at 8:11 pm

    Sue I thought we were at a 19 metre height limit as per the referendum. Surely we need another referendum to alter this or is it that the council make up the changes as they go? We need to look at economical building which will exclude high rise of the magnitude espoused.
    With keeping building costs down, the owner does not need to charge high prices and then their occupancy rate will climb and we will then also attract many more Tourists especially families because holiday funds are usually tight.

  2. Blair fraseron 26 Feb 2016 at 7:50 pm

    Hi Sue,
    People go to Noosa because its close to the Sunshine Coast,Brisbane etc. Where most of the people are from. Tourists go there because they are staying in or near before mentioned areas.Hervey Bay does not need anymore accommodation, the occupancy rates in existing are just tragic. We need something big to attract tourists and people to this area before more accommodation is provided whales alone wont do it.
    It might be where they come to rest and play but places like the Goldcoast are quickly stopping them in there tracks. Why is the water park so small why dont we have a water park obviously whale orientated the likes that no one has seen before. Im talking on par with your Dreamworlds.many people travel 4 or more hours to visit theme parks and utilise accommodation. Build it and they will come! The motor sports complex is another project that should make its way potentially between the 2 towns. 300,000 people go to the GoldCoast indy. Employment problems would be a thing of the past. People always complain our kids have nothing to do no jobs etc. All we seem to do is allow a select few developers line there pockets with dodgy dealings that only they benifit from.Im also a bit peeved off at the way this current election has been conducted.I spent close to 20 yrs in the media and the rot that is happening at the moment is reminiscent of State and Federal Government tactics. Certainly not the Council elections im used to at a local level. I hope you are elected in and i hope you listen to what your people in your area want. All i have heard from the running mayoral candidates is what they want.They seem to forget they are elected to serve the people of there electric not the other way around. Good luck think big!

  3. Sue Brookson 01 Mar 2016 at 11:02 am

    Totally agree with you Blair. I used to sit and listen to many developers promise all sorts of benefits if Council gave them a green light. When they were given the green light, with monotonous regularity, either nothing at all happened or they promptly listed their land for sale! I take developers spin exactly as it is usually. Spin! But there are exceptions.. Council needs to sell itself better and properly but it cannot afford to build a theme park itself. I would love one out on the Hervey Bay Maryborough Rd though.. I support the Motor Sports Complex. I always listened and acted on residents wishes and need and did my utmost to keep the community informed about what Council was doing. I will continue to do that and produce a weekly electronic update/newsletter which will include Council meeting agenda topics etc.

  4. Sue Brookson 01 Mar 2016 at 11:06 am

    Thanks Doug. We used to allow the extra height on the Esplanade in nodes. The community supported this. This Council changed that so now we have 6-8 storeys along the entire Esplanade from Pialba to Urangan and 20 storeys in Urangan. Yes the community needs to decide if this is what they want or go back to the nodes! Builders decide on their product but yes economical buildings would be wonderful and affordable.

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