Preferences for Division 5. Sue Brooks and Bernii Allen

March 8th, 2016

Preferences – Sue Brooks and Bernii Allen Division 5.
It is uncommon to see preferences used in local government elections here on

the Fraser Coast, as most candidates usually choose the just Vote 1

approach. But in Division 5, Sue Brooks and Bernii Allen are swapping

preferences by placing each other 1 and 2 and the incumbent Councillor Rolf

Light at number 3. With only 3 candidates nominating in this Division, it

will make for an interesting contest.

Sue Brooks says, “I am pleased to preference Bernii Allen as I am keen to

see a big change in the make up of this Council for the next 4 years. I look

forward to a more transparent and people friendly Council that listens to

the community.”

Sue believes voters will choose wisely and adds, “Voters are free to decide

their own preferences of course and can still vote in whatever manner they


Bernii Allen says, “My decision to stand as a candidate in Division 5 of the Fraser Coast Regional

Council was initiated by my distress over bad development. In my opinion the

Incumbent of Division 5 has not fought against “bad development” and this is

why I first considered a preference deal with Sue Brooks; and I do without any

doubt agree with all she has said in her comments on this preference deal we

have agreed upon.”     

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